2000 aiwa hs-ps002 具有彩色透明机身的热销机型爱华随身听

aiwa hs-ps002

便携式CD和MD播放器的出现,在这个时候 已经普及,磁带随身听主要销量来自低价位产品。用户多为年轻人和学生,比起音质他  们更注重时尚性和简单化,为适应这个潮流 似乎是推出了之前的PS001系列,延续到PS002PS002虽然只有单向播放功能,但凭借便宜  的售价和时尚的机身受到了市场欢迎。


2000 aiwa hs-ps002 Hot model with color transparent body

The advent of portable CD and MD players has become popular at this time, and the main sales volume of tape Walkman comes from low-priced products. Most of the users are young people and students. They pay more attention to fashion and simplification than sound quality. In order to adapt to this trend, it seems that the previous PS001 series was launched, which continues to PS002. Although PS002 only has one-way playback function, but with a cheap price and The stylish body is welcomed by the market.

The new product release price is open / body size: 116.4 × 86. × 32.3 mm / weight: 183 grams / power supply No. 5 battery × 2 batteries / battery life: 18 hours (using alkaline batteries)

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