1994 sony wm-eX511 功能丰富的新一代单放机 Walkman随身听

sony wm-eX511

20.3毫米的超薄机身,只有1万4000日元的低价格,但是具备11倍速检索歌曲(这个时期各个公司都已检索速度为主打卖  点)等丰富功能,充电电池与碱性电池1节/续航时间3.5小时(使用口香糖充电电池)

新品发行价1万4000日元/机身尺寸:108.4×77.2  ×20.3毫米/重量:175克/电源口香糖电池或5号电池并用可播放12.5小时。


播放 自动翻转 快速选曲 跳过

专用  充电电池重低音 DOLBY遥控器 

1994 sony wm-eX511 a new generation of feature-rich single player

The 20.3 mm ultra-thin body has a low price of only 14,000 yen, but it has rich functions such as 11-speed search songs (each company has searched for speed during this period) and other rich features, rechargeable batteries and alkaline batteries 1 Life time 3.5 hours (use chewing gum rechargeable battery)

The new product release price is 14,000 yen / body size: 108.4 × 77.2 × 20.3 mm / weight: 175 grams / power gum battery or No. 5 battery can be used together for 12.5 hours.

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