1987 sony wm-504 可以看到全部磁带的透明机型 Walkman随身听

sony wm-504

渐渐的 Walkman也加入了更多流行的元素,最初有专为女性消费者设计的款式。之后也推出了面向男性消费者的机型,比如WM-503那种采用磨砂表面处理的机型,WM-504就是在这个基础上发展出的透明机型。随着磁带本身越来越美观,用户也更希望能透视其运行状况,所以机盖采用了全透明高硬度的树脂材料。另外该机型配备了台式充电底座,只需将主机放在上面就可方便充电,这也是在90年代流行之前率先采用的技术。

新品发行价:2万6000日元/机身尺寸:76×19.2×24.3毫米/重量:200克  电源口香糖电池或5号电池×1节/续航时间:4时(使用口香糖充电电池)  

sony wm-504
sony wm-504

金属带 自动翻转充 电电池 重低音 DOLBY

The 1987 SONY wm-504 was a transparent Walkman that could see all the tapes

Increasingly, the Walkman also added more popular elements, initially designed for women. There were later models for men, such as the wm-503, which had a frosted finish, and the wm-504, which was a transparent model based on that. With the tape itself more and more beautiful, users also want to be able to see through its running conditions, so the cover used a transparent resin material of high hardness. In addition, the model is equipped with a desktop charging base, which can be easily charged by placing the main engine on it, a technology first adopted before it became popular in the 1990s.

New product launch price: 26,000 yen/body size: 76×19.2× 24.3mm/weight: 200g power supply gum battery or no. 5 battery ×1 / battery life: 4 hours (using a gum rechargeable battery)

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