1983 AIWA hs-P6 配备了收音卡组件和杜比B 爱华随身听

AIWA hs-P6

具有两波段收音的播放机型,用附带的独立收音卡替换磁带放入带仓中就可以收听广播。另外作为「 Cassette Boy亅系列首次加入了杜比降噪功能,机身厚度仅为25.2毫米。

新品发行价:2万8800日元/机身尺寸:109.5×81.5×25.2毫米/重量:215克/电源:7号电池 2节 续航时间5小时(使用碱性电池)


1983 AIWA hs-P6 is equipped with radio card assembly and Dolby B

With the two-band radio player model, you can listen to the radio by replacing the tape with the attached independent radio card and putting it in the tape compartment. In addition, as the “Cassette Boy” series, the Dolby noise reduction function was added for the first time, and the body thickness was only 25.2 mm.

New product release price: 28,800 yen / body size: 109.5 × 81.5 × 25.2 mm / weight: 215 grams / power supply: No. 7 battery 2 batteries Life time 5 hours (using alkaline batteries)

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