1979 sony TPS-L2 Walkman从这里开始 Walkman随身听

sony TPS-L2

当时带着耳机在户外听歌的文化还没有流   SONY行,因为如果带着耳机会妨碍和别人交谈,也听不到周围的声音,于是在主机顶部安装了一个非常显眼的橙色「HOTLINE开关。通过按下这个按钮,麦克风就会采集周围的声音输出到耳机中,这样通过耳机就可以听见周围的声音了。

第一台 Walkman的最初原型被认为来自单声道的TCM-100,但实际上是装有立体声磁头的BM-12。另外附属的H.AIR耳机是在Zero-Fit设计理念的基础上研发的,定位为佩戴轻巧的开放式耳机,可以说有了这款便携耳机才有了 Walkman的诞生。

新品发行价:3万3000日元/机身尺寸:88×133.5   WALKmAn29毫米/重量:390克/电源:5号电池×2节/续  航时间8小时(使用碱性电池)

1979 SONY tps-l2 Walkman from here to Walkman Walkman

When wearing headphones listening to music in the outdoor culture of SONY hasn’t flow line, because if the ear with a chance hinder conversation with others, also can’t hear the voices around, so the host at the top of the installed a very conspicuous orange “HOTLINE switch. By pressing this button, the microphone will gather around the sound output into the headset, so through headphones can hear the voice of the surrounding.

The original prototype of the first Walkman was thought to have come from the mono channel TCM-100, but was actually a bm-12 with a stereo head. In addition, the attached h.ir headset was developed on the basis of the zero-fit design concept, which is positioned to wear lightweight open headphones. It can be said that this portable headset gave birth to the Walkman.

New product launch price: 33,000 yen/body size: 88×133.5 WALKmAn29 mm/weight: 390 g/power supply: no.5 battery ×2 / continuation time: 8 hours (using alkaline battery)

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