Maxcell UD 90 cassette UD系列磁带



新一代UD采用了全新PX伽马磁性体和高精度的带壳。80年的广告中出现了著名音乐人山下达郎,UD和他的知名 度也一同提高了。


The UD series, launched in 1972, is one of Maxell’s representative tapes and has maintained a long-selling record in the 1970s. Unlike the LN series, the UD series uses P-gamma iron oxide on the magnetic body in order to counter the TDK’s main music use SD series, which improves frequency characteristics and signal-to-noise ratio. Compared with the LN series, the high-frequency characteristics have been significantly enhanced, which can be said to be the representative of the LH (low noise and high output) type in the 1970s. In addition, for the first time in the world, the single-sided 23-minute C46 specification was added.

The new generation of UD uses a new PX gamma magnetic body and a high-precision shell. In the 80 years of advertising, the famous musician Taro Yamashita appeared, and UD and his popularity have also increased. The last generation of UD, the subsequent series was changed to UD in 83 years. The performance and appearance of this generation of UD have been greatly upgraded, including the new P magnetic body and the anti-vibration belt shell with fine texture.

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